Real Estate

Selling Your Home or Property?

Most real estate companies do not specialize in the auction method of marketing, and most real estate auction companies do not have experience in selling real estate via traditional methods.

At Liberty Auction & Realty we have the experience, knowledge and a proven track record in both areas. This experience and knowledge is a benefit to you. Our goal is to focus on your property as well as your specific needs and create a custom and effective marketing plan to ensure a successful sale in a timely manner.
Why Auction?
There are many benefits of a real estate auction:
  • The focus is on your property alone
  • Quick turnaround time with results in 30-60 days or less
  • Aggressive marketing that effectively freezes the immediate market around you
  • True market value is realized with no limit on upside potential
  • The guesswork in determining the asking price of the property is eliminated
  • The negotiation process is eliminated
  • Property sells without contingencies
You want to make sure you are getting a fair market price, and you want to sell on your time frame. Learn how Liberty Auction & Realty can help you do both with our proven results and innovative marketing techniques.

Not every property is suited to sell at auction. Call to speak with one of our courteous real estate professionals who will evaluate your property and your specific needs to determine if a real estate auction is right for you.
Liberty Auction & Realty is a Lexington TN based real estate and auction company serving all of Tennessee. If you are a buyer looking for  real estate or real estate auctions, please visit our current auction page to see if we have something for you.